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Young woman with prosthetic arm

Upper limb prostheticsUpper limb prosthetics are more advanced today than anyone could have imagined a few years ago.

Man fishing with a prosthetic leg

Lower limb prostheticsProsthetic success for lower limb amputee starts with a comfortable socket.

Man riding bike with a prosthetic leg

Sport specific prostheticsFrom running legs to fishing prostheses, our devices will help you to pursue your passion.

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Pediatric prostheticsChildren deserve the best prosthetic technology and care so they can be active and play.

Socks and liners

Socks and linersWithout comfort, the most technologically sophisticated components become useless.

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TechnologyPrecision Prosthetics & Orthotics is a fully equipped in-house diagnostic and fabrication facility.

Prosthetics for the needs of Active & Retired Military

Our team will work with the prosthetic department at the VA to determine your needs and coordinate coverage. Contact us

Getting a prosthetic device is a process

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Depending your activity and health condition you will receive a prescription from your doctor. Now you can schedule an appointment with a prosthetist.

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The first visit consists of an evaluation by a prosthetist. The prosthetist will help you with choosing the right aid and will consult it with your doctor.

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Prosthetics practice can file the insurance claim on your behalf. At Precision Prosthetics & Orthotics we accept most major insurance plans.

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4Fitting of
diagnostic socket

Your prosthetist will provide you with a diagnostic socket to go over your limb. This is used to test your new device for comfort and functionality.

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After your fitting appointment prosthetist makes the necessary modifications to your diagnostic socket. Fabrication of your definitive socket begins.

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6Your prosthesis
is ready

After the socket is finished and all components are attached, your prosthesis is complete. Each device is different, depending on the type of amputation, physical ability and needs.

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your device

When you come for your new device additional adjustments can be made to ensure the perfect fit. Increase your wear time gradually to stay comfortable.

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and exercise

Physiotherapy will improve your mobility, help with the recovery and enable you to fully use your prosthesis. Almost all lower-limb amputees will benefit from regular walking training.

It is important to note that advanced prosthetic devices require a clear clinical need to be established before submitting for insurance coverage.